Mossy Oak Properties names Pam Welch Agent of the Year

Mossy Oak Properties, Inc. is pleased to announce that Pam Welch of Mossy Oak Properties –Strawberry River Land and Homes in Cave City, Arkansas was named its “Agent of the Year” at the company’s recent virtual Land Summit, held June 8, 2021.  The Agent of the Year award is given annually to the salesperson that

Mossy Oak Properties

“Fist Full of Dirt” podcast with Cuz Strickland

“Fist Full of Dirt with Cuz Strickland,” is a podcast dedicated to helping outdoors enthusiasts connect with the land and wildlife they love and hold dear. New episodes of the interview-style podcast roll out each Tuesday and feature a variety of guests, from notable names in the outdoor industry such as rock and roll legend

Mossy Oak Properties Recognizes 2021 First Quarter Pinnacle Club

West Point, MS – Mossy Oak Properties, Inc. is pleased to announce the members of its 2021 1st Quarter Pinnacle Club. The Pinnacle Club recognizes the top ten land sales professionals each quarter from a network of more than 600 agents and brokers across 30 states. Chris Hawley, CEO/President and Co-Founder of Mossy Oak Properties, Inc., stated: “We

All About Trees: 10 Q&A with Expert Dudley Phelps

1. WHAT PURPOSE DO TREES SERVE IN THE HUNTING WORLD AND IN THE MAINTENANCE OF PROPERTY? “In the hunting world they mainly provide a food source for all the species we love. Not just acorns, but also bugs for things like birds and turkeys. They can also serve for aesthetics and erosion control. They’ve got a

Broadcasting Corn In Your Food Plot

Todd Amenrud Some believe you must have a corn planter or drill to plant corn. We don’t. If you understand a few intricacies, broadcasting corn in your food plot can easily be done! Seed rate and ratios, and seed depth are two of the most important factors. You must also have adequate acreage to appease

Creating Edge Cover and Ecotones

Dana Rogers The “more the better,” or perhaps more aptly we’d like “more with higher quality” when it comes to cover, especially that all-important “edge cover.” That isn’t just for whitetails but many different species. Are you interested in increasing deer populations where you hunt? Deer populations rise and fall, and today, it seems we’re

Mossy Oak: The Camouflage of Conservation

As Gamekeepers, we believe that the earth and soil are things of beauty, something to be nurtured and seeded. We are firm believers that the more dirt that gets under your fingernails, the higher your spirits are lifted. For us, conservation means leaving things better than we found them – leaving the world a better place for future

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