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Life on the Land: Jared Groce

Mossy Oak Properties

Mossy Oak Properties is recognized as the leading brokerage firm in the U.S., with offices all over the country. But it's not just the number of locations that makes Mossy Oak Properties No. 1, it's the people. Though real estate agents are a dime a dozen, rural land brokers are an entirely different type of agent. In fact, brokers at Mossy Oak Properties are Certified Land Specialists who have years of experience making land transactions in their specific region. With this type of hands-on knowledge of the land and the people who live on it, Certified Land Specialists form long-lasting relationships with their clients.

To speak more on what sets Mossy Oak Properties apart, we hear from Jared Groce, broker at MOP of Texas - Gainesville Division in Gainesville, Texas. Named by Land Report as one of the top brokers in the country four years running, Groce is no stranger to land and its many benefits.

What's the most enjoyable/rewarding part of your job at Mossy Oak Properties?
I think the most rewarding thing about what I do is running into [clients] and hearing the excitement in their voice; seeing the pride on their face as they tell about what they have done to their new property and the memories they are making there. They really seem to include me as part of their extended family since I share a knowledge of their land with them.

What drives you to go above and beyond for your clients?
Respect for my name and the Mossy Oak Properties name make me strive to do more than any other broker, and to do it better.

Did you always have a strong connection to land growing up?
I sure did. My mother and father bought a small farm when I was six years old to be used as a weekend place. I spent every weekend of my childhood running through to post oaks, fishing in the ponds and enjoying every square inch of dirt that I could gain access to. It molded me into the man I am today, and gave me a huge sense of appreciation for what God has created. It gave me the knowledge that it is my job to be a good steward of His creation and leave it better than I found it.

If you had to give a land buyer one piece of advice, what would it be?
Selfishly, I think the best advice that a land buyer could have is to find a land agent with whom they have complete trust in. Give that agent all the information you can provide in order for the agent to gain a perfect understanding of the buyer's wants, needs and goals. We do this every day, whereas a buyer may only do this once in his or her lifetime.

What is something most people wouldn't realize about the land sales industry at first glance?
I don't think most people realize that the rural land market is not the same as the housing market in town. While they are both real estate transactions that are regulated by the state's real estate commission, the complexities of the two are very different. Hire a housing agent to buy or sell a house in town, but hire Mossy Oak Properties for anything rural.

Where do you see the land market in your area in the next 10 years?
If the past 10 years is any indication, we can expect our rural land prices to double or triple the price they are today. The growth in North Central Texas between the DFW metroplex and the Red River is explosive right now, and is projected to continue at this level for the foreseeable future. There is much demand with little supply, and that trend may very well continue.

How has the affiliation with Mossy Oak Properties impacted your business?
Being associated with Mossy Oak Properties has caused my personal business to increase five times over. It's not just the tree logo that brings business, it's the culture of the entire organization that makes me a better agent, a better man and a better Christian.

If you were mentoring a young land specialist, what advice would you give him?
Learn all you can, and do this by following someone who has been down this road before. Follow a mentor on his or her daily schedule and see what he or she does. Meet as many people as you can in order to increase your personal sphere of influence because all real estate professionals get their business through what I call the "Three Rs:" Relationships. Referrals. Research.

If you had to invest your personal net egg in rural land, what characteristics would you look at first?
Road access and the ability to build a large water feature.

Groce characterizes himself as a steward of the land, and his record as a businessman, outdoorsman, wildlife instructor and rancher proves just that.

For more information on the best brokers in the business, contact a a representative of Mossy Oak Properties today.