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Life on the Land: Brad Morrison

Mossy Oak Properties

Finding a broker who is committed to both the client and the condition of the land may not be easy to come by. In some cases, land brokers may act in their own interest or simply want to close a deal with a seller. However, at Mossy Oak Properties clients are paired with a Certified Land Specialist who not only has the expertise to get the most out of a sale, but is also dedicated to the human aspect of the land market.

Mossy Oak Properties land specialists view clients as more than just customers who come and go. In fact, those who work with Mossy Oak Properties typically form lasting relationships with the land specialists who helped them along the way. To showcase this valued relationship, we sat down with a number of brokers from Mossy Oak Properties to get their take on what makes their job the best.

Today, we hear from Brad Morrison, broker at Mossy Oak Properties of the Heartland Woods N Water Land Co. in Gower, Missouri.

What's the most enjoyable/rewarding part of your job at Mossy Oak Properties?

I think for me the most rewarding part of my profession here at Mossy Oak Properties is putting together like-minded outdoorsmen with the property of their dreams. I take great pride in knowing the land that I am selling. When I get a listing, I walk or four-wheel most of it, and talk to neighbors as well as the landowner to find out some history of the property. Knowing I have done everything possible to help buyers find what they are looking for is a great feeling.

What drives you to go above and beyond for your clients?

I guess being raised to know the woods and land that I am on has developed me into a land agent who points out even the little things, like knowing what kind of tree they are looking at to knowing the type of soil the land has. I go beyond most realtors because I know the terrain, soil type, unique feature and so on before I ever get to a showing. It's not that I am there to sell the property - it should sell itself. I am here to provide things they might not have thought of, or to provide them with assistance on subjects they might not understand, like the financing process.

Did you always have a strong connection to land growing up?

Growing up I spent most of my time in the woods when I was not doing sports. I used to tag along behind my dad when the gun was bigger than I was tall. He taught me to appreciate nature and the land, not littering it up or tearing up the property, but instead showing me how one thing benefits another in the outdoor world. If you are ever in doubt about a higher power, you get to the woods at daylight and watch it come alive with God's creatures. They were put there for a reason and each has its own unique qualities. The land we were blessed with not only provides crops for us, but a home for the wildlife we are eager to see.

What makes your land region stand out compared to others?

My region of expertise is diversified, as I grew up half my life in northwest Missouri and half my life in southwest Missouri. I get to see the rich black soil of northwest Missouri and also get to market the unique hollers and timber ground of southwest Missouri. In northwest Missouri I have to know the soil types and slope of the land for farmers, as well as the types of trees and grasses to plant for the Conservation Reserve Program income available. In southwest Missouri it is not as much soil type of the land, but the amount of grazing acres and timber ground.

What is something most people wouldn't realize about the land sales industry at first glance?

People do not realize the vast differences of land in just as little as 50 miles. The soil type, topography and uses of land vary. Knowledge of this is something a land agent must know to market the best uses of the property he is marketing. Most people just look at the physical features of a piece of property without knowing the best uses of the land. Recreational property is in high demand because of the hunting industry, but without knowing soil, topography and the optimum uses of the land, a sportsman might not get a food plot to grow or could encounter a drainage problem. I think in terms of a land agent, they should steer the potential landowner to the best decisions and choices he can make, and educate him on the process of purchasing land. You have to be a guide from start to finish, which includes finding the property, making an offer, signing the purchase agreement, getting a loan and finally setting up the title company to record him as the new owner.

Morrison is a valued member of the MOP team, and his clients think so too. Every year he sends them Christmas cards. One year an older gentleman who was in bad health got back in touch with Morrison after he helped the man through the land buying process. The man thanked Morrison repeatedly for completing the purchase and providing his grandsons with a piece of land they could own long after the grandfather himself was gone.

On the first day of deer season, the man's 13-year-old grandson killed the biggest buck either of them had ever seen. After hearing of this story, Morrison stated, "Things like this are rewarding, to know I have done my job and made another family memory happen."

For more information about the best brokers in the business, or for help understanding land transactions, contact Mossy Oak Properties today.