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Show off your wildlife

Mossy Oak Properties

Selling land is about more than just making sure your property is in good condition - it's also about providing buyers with that "wow" factor that will separate your property from the rest. There are lots of ways to accomplish this, including showing off your wildlife.

"Showing the wildlife to a buyer is what it's all about," said Josh Fiscus of Mossy Oak Properties of the Heartland in Oswego, Kansas. "For example, I just showed a few [Kansas] farms this weekend to some buyers from Louisiana and we saw 30-plus deer on one farm. It is the best selling tactic for a recreational buyer."

Fiscus went on to say he has experienced cases where land buyers made purchases due to the amount of wildlife present, even though the land itself wasn't in the area the buyer originally intended or didn't feature mineral rights.

As far as when you should focus on wildlife during the selling process, Fiscus stated that if animals are present, it's always a valuable tool to use.

"I focus on wildlife on almost every land sale situation," he said. "Even the nonhunters appreciate the fact that the property has good habitat for a healthy population of wild game. And the nonhunting farming community that once said, 'Don't kill just one - kill 'em all,' has changed that way of thinking and now sees wildlife as an added value."

If you're unsure where to start, it can be as easy as taking a walk around your property. Fiscus illustrated how listing agents will explore the property take pictures and video of habitat, game trails and much more, sometimes even using drone footage to provide buyers with an overarching view of everything your land has to offer.

"[We] always get as much history as possible of game animals harvested on the property," he continued.

Beyond wildlife
While the animals that call your land home can be part of an effective sales strategy, they're far from the only appealing factor you should highlight.

"The other factor that buyers love is the beauty of the land," Fiscus said. "Each has different opinions on beauty, but I focus on water, scenic views, elevation changes (hills and hollers), large rock outcroppings or large trees. Buyers want to know the property they buy is very special and unique."

While land specialists can help you meet these objectives, it's up to you to make their job easier.

"We as listing agents need the sellers' help to provide us with as much history on the property as possible," Fiscus continued. "Buyers like to know, for example, that the sellers have been killing large antlered bucks on this farm for generations. It builds confidence in buyers and puts particular properties above others when making decisions to buy."

So no matter what sets your land apart from the competition, make sure you work closely with your land specialist to highlight it when selling. The wildlife on the property or the unique layout of the land could be what makes it stick in a buyer's mind.